Tessa Andrews – Author Bio

Tessa Andrews was born in Rhodesia and raised in Zimbabwe where she spent an idyllic childhood riding horses and camping with carefree abandon in the veld of southern Africa. She had a colourful upbringing and despite being attacked by a rabid jackal, contracting malaria and bilharzia, and being chased by a hippo, she still remembers her youth with great affection and waxes lyrical about her adventures.

Moving to England at the age of nineteen, she graduated from Brunel University and worked for a number of years within the publishing sector, primarily in London.

Moving out of the big smoke she has now settled in a quaint English village called Thriplow, well known for its annual daffodil festival and located just outside the famous city of Cambridge, England. She says she could not be happier.

Blessed with a beautiful daughter, an amazing son, and a devoted husband, she has begun her literary journey drawing upon her life experiences of holidays spent in the Zambezi Valley. Inspired by the wildlife and beauty of Africa, she has woven romance into her nostalgic tales, all of which have been garnered from the incredible game reserves she used to visit, and still continues to visit, to this day.

Tessa has recently joined Twitter so please feel free to follow her: Tessa Andrews @TessaAn37661016