Book Review Policy

Thank you for contacting Lilford Squire with regards to submitting your book for review. Please note that this service is undertaken by volunteers of Lilford Squire Ltd, so all book reviews are written by regular people who are reading for the pleasure of reading and will be providing their own personal opinion and feedback on a platform that is maintained by Lilford Squire Publishing.

All reviews will be posted to the Lilford Squire Review page, Amazon and Goodreads, and the links will be promoted on Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We do not guarantee to review every submission we receive.

Due to administration costs a nominal £10 fee will be incurred if your book is selected to be reviewed. Why do we do this? Well, as much as we love charity it costs money to provide this service. The fee helps to offset the time taken to process a review, upload it to various websites and social media platforms, upkeep of the review website page as well as performing promotional administrative related issues. Payment of the administration cost in no way determines the outcome of your review.

It will also be stated that we have received a free copy of your book in exchange for a fair and honest review and that a £10 administration fee has been paid.

We review books within the romance genre. We do not accept novels that contain the following:

EroticaRapeIncestUnderage Sex

Paperback or hardback copies are our preferred formats but we will accept ePub and Mobi file formats.

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